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06 January 2010

Where Is My Acadamey Award?

I used to work at a Boy Scout camp as a firearms instructor. I must have done something right because I was requested to work there the entire summer. Throughout the week long trainning process that qualifiedus as camp staff; they told a story about a man that was an Eagle scout, which to those who don't know is a very big deal. Promotions in the military and so on. This man felt guilty twenty plus years later because he felt that he didn't truly earn a merit badge, but rather that it was pretty much given to him. So he hasseled the national office and had them remove his name from the official Eagle scout roster. The moral of the story at that time was make sure that if you sign it off that it was actually done. But, today's lesson is a little different.
Granted it is old news that Saddam Hu........ Oops! That middle name thing kind've throws me off. The "messiah" was given the Nobel Peace Prize...... What!? How? Why? What has he done? Ah! Talking must qualify a man for what was once highly reveared and now they give it away, not for action, but making empty promises. Here is another thought; if a police officer arrests a man with a bounty, since he is doing his job he cannot lawfully accept the bounty. When Saddam was found nobody in the military got the reward because they were doing their job. I'll let that sink in.
But then again, you must be a liberal to get the Nobel peace prize. In doing research for this I looked at other winners. I stopped at 1993 because I was starting to get sick to my stomach. Al Gore, Jimmy Carter. What more do I need to say? Arafat leader of the PLO a known terrorist group got it. Then you have people that actually earned it like Dr. King. I will tell you right now that if I would refuse the award on principle. Why should I associate myself with the likes of Al Gore. what has he done? Invented the internet. Responsible for the Styx albulm Kilroy Was Here, wait that was his wife.
So in keeping up with the times I'm going to throw out some names for this year. Theodore John Kaczynski hasn't killed anybody reccently while in prison. My dog promotes peace because if you shadow box he barks and gets scared. If none of these sound rdiculous you must be a nominator.
The left continues to be glorified for nonexistant accoumptlishment and whenever we do something a liberal some how ruins it. Now that I'm mad I think I'll take some asprin and go for a run.

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