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30 July 2010

10 Things I Like About You

About six years ago, my Pastor's wife invited the young teen girls from our church on a girls' night out. We spent the night in a nearby hotel, fellowshipping and bonding. One of the events of the night was to create a list of ten qualities we wanted in our future husbands. We dubbed the lists "Ten Things I Like About You," and gave them to our parents to keep until later and review. Since then, I've reviewed and revised mine, but only one has changed. I've also added two "optional" (read: two requirements that aren't required only because it would throw of the title of the list) traits. This is my list, as mentioned in my Bucket List.

- He must have a personal relationship with Christ. We should be on similar levels spiritually and able to challenge each other to grow. Bonus points if he's Pentecostal.

- He must be supportive of my ambitions. Bonus points if he's willing to travel the world.

- His intelligence should be comparable to mine. Bonus points if he's got street smarts, since my common sense only occasionally jumps out of the negatives and into the positive percentile.

- He must understand and accept who I am, my needs and wants. I do not believe in changing for others, and I would never ask him to change for me. Love is unconditional.

- He must share my beliefs and values. I am unwavering in my support of the first amendment, second amendment and support of the military. I also believe that authority can and should be challenged from time to time.

- He must respect me, himself and others, regardless of whether they are above, beneath or on his level.

- He must be able to support me (though I will be more than capable of supporting myself); he must have a drive to accomplish and succeed.

- He must be loyal to me, as I will be loyal only to him.

- He must trust me, and I him.

- He must be physically strong so that I feel protected. Physical strength is not based solely upon hand-to-hand combat skills. Proper sight alignment and trigger control are also viable criteria, though preferably at a ranger greater than mine.

- He should be good with children and want his own.

- He should be able to make me laugh.

The last two are optional, but not. :]

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