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30 July 2010

Koreans & Church

While I was waiting for The Sergeant, a Korean hairdresser walked out into the waiting room (presumably to see how many people were waiting to be serviced). She glanced at me, did a double take, nonchalantly meandered to the seat in front of me, picked up the newspaper, and asked, "Are you Korean?" The rest of the conversation went as follows:

Eun: Yes, I am Korean.
Kim: Ah, ahnyounghasaeyo.
Eun: Ahnyounghasaeyo. I don't speak Korean, I was adopted.
Kim: Ah, you were adopted?
Eun: Yes.
Kim: You very pretty.
Eun: Thank you.
Kim: I saw you, you so pretty, I did not know if you were Korean or not.
Eun: Are Koreans ugly or something? Yes, I'm Korean, and thank you.
Kim: You go to church?
Eun: Yes.
Kim: That's good. Where you go?
Eun: I attend church in Pennsylvania; I'm from Pennsylvania.
Kim: Ah, Pennsylvania? You should come to my church.
Eun: I bet it's a Korean church. Where do you go to church?
Kim: It's not far. How long you here?
Eun: Only until next week. I'm with him *gestures to nondescript area on the other side of the wall.*
Kim: When he leave?
Eun: Next week.
Kim: Next week?
Eun: Yes.
[The Sergeant finally enters the waiting room.]
Kim: You should come to church. They have translators. Hold on. *disappears into barber shop*
Eun: First, "Are you Korean?" Then, "You go to church?" They're all the same, and they think I'm one of them! We need a huge picture of Jesus.
Kim: *presents pamphlet and continues to give us directions to the Korean church* I hope to see you soon!
The end.

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