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26 March 2009

Gaza as a Woman

If this highly controversial cartoon, which "a Jewish human rights group has denounced . . . as anti-Semitic, comparing it to Nazi imagery of the 1930s that led up to the Holocaust" (FNC) is permitted on display, then so too should Ahmed Mashhouri's display on Islam be permitted in Norway (I highly suggest you check it out, even if you can't read Norwegian).

Since 2003, at least three U.S. soldiers have been killed by electrocution while showering. Using appliances also poses a threat. In response, "the military is racing to inspect more than 90,000 U.S.-run facilities across Iraq" FNC). "About one-third of the inspections so far have turned up major electrical problems . . . but about 65,000 facilities still need to be inspected" (FNC).
Ninety-thousand facilities? Were these constructed haphazardly? Shouldn't the safety of our soldiers come first? This is simply my opinion, but three deaths by electrocution are three too many. Our troops should be worrying about fighting the enemy and getting home safely, not whether or not they'll come out of the shower alive.

The title of this post is a play on the book Egypt as a Woman by Beth Baron.

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