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23 March 2009

Party Like It's 1773!

At the moment, I'm watching Glenn Beck play Jenga.

I don't agree with everything suggested, and I must admit, the word "revolution" put me on edge. Of course, that word immediately conjured images of Jason Isaacs running Heath Ledger through with a sword, and Mel Gibson as a South Carolinian plantation owner who makes rocking chairs in his spare time and somehow manages to retain freed slaves to work his land.
Regardless of the "R" word, I still thought that this video was very inspiring. Also, CafePress has a wide variety of tea party paraphernalia -- just type "tea party" into the Search bar.

Speaking of tea parties! Today I parted with two bags of Twinings of London Earl Grey tea. One is adorning my backpack, the other is tied to my over-sized Victoria's Secret bag. I even took a few MySpace-ish photos.

Love the dog hair -- I carry bits of Maddie and Sally around with me everywhere I go.

Don't you love the McCain/Palin signs in the background?

Today was my first day back at college from Spring Break. And even though I didn't spend a week tanning in Cancun and drinking mojitos, I did have a few informal 9-12 coffee talks, and I spent a day at the Antique Arms Show in Baltimore.
I received my Islamic History mid-term exam today. Unfortunately, I only earned an 85.4%, in part due to the fact that I somehow mislabeled the Tigris as Baghdad and the Euphrates as Karbala (and vice versa). Even though I labeled all of the other black circles with white font as cities and the white circles with black font as geographical features, I somehow confused those four. Which is really depressing since I'm partly a History Major and am concentrating in MidEast Studies.

[EDIT 9:47 PM]
I'm rewatching the Thomas Paine video at the moment and, in my opinion, he seems quite similar to Hugo Weaving's character V in the film "V for Vendetta" (which I highly recommend).

For even more information about tea parties, check out Tea Party Day.

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