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24 March 2009

Plan B & Islamberg!

Plan B will now be attainable sans prescription by seventeen-year-olds, thereby basically completely removing any responsibility from either partner. No condoms? No problem. You can worry about the STDs later. But what really irks me is the fact that this is encouraging minors to have sex. It doesn't teach about the emotional aspect of sex, nor does it teach about safe sex. Just revert to Plan B. Nancy Northup, President of the Center for Reproductive Rights, claims that "'Today's ruling is a tremendous victory for all Americans who expect the government to safeguard public health'" (FNC). And of course, if we can rely on the government, we don't have to be accountable. That totally eliminates any responsibility we have to take care of ourselves. And God forbid we ever be expected to rely on ourselves over the government.

Have you heard of Islamberg? It's "a private Muslim community in the woods of the western Catskills, 150 miles northwest of New York City" (FNC). Islamberg is just "past a gate marked with No Trespassing signs, [and] is home to an estimated 100 residents" (FNC). "The town also has its own mosque, grocery store and schoolhouse. It also reportedly as a firing range where residents take regular target practice" (FNC). Pakistani cleric Sheikh Syed Mubarik Ali Shah Gilani founded Islamberg in 1980, and has "established similar rural enclaves across the country -- at least six, including the Red House community in southern Virginia -- though some believe there are dozens of them, all operating under the umbrella of the 'Muslims of the Americas' group founded by Gilani" (FNC). Not only has Gilani founded Islamberg and other tiny towns, but he was also a founder of Jamaat al-Fuqra, "a terrorist organization believed responsible for dozens of bombings and murders across the U.S. and abroad. The group was linked to the planning of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, and 10 years earlier a member was arrested and later convicted for bombing a hotel in Portland, Ore" (FNC).
The article is rather lengthy, but I highly suggest reading it.
I've decided that I'm going to also purchase a 70-acre plot of land somewhere in the States. Somewhere fertile. I have no idea where I'd get the money, or for that matter, how much land 70 acres actually is. Regardless, I'm going to purchase a plot of land and set up camp. It'll be surrounded by a forest (like in M. Night Shyamalan's "The Village"), and maybe I'll also set up a moat with alligators. Imported from Florida. Or else I could purchase a beach area down South, and it'll be like the community Gabriel led Charlotte and his younger siblings to when they were escaping Colonel Tavington in "The Patriot." The point is that it's going to be secluded. And then we'll build our own buildings (like in "Defiance" -- I have about as much skill with carpentry as the two scholars did).
I haven't yet decided if I want to have a firing range or not, because I might only permit swords. And then other people could create similar communities nearby, and we could wage war with swords. I'm pretty sure the wars wouldn't last as long if we had AR-15s and Kalashnikovs. That's Option One.
Option Two includes guns, and we'd have a large firing range. We'd also train in various martial arts and wilderness survival. I'm not sure where I'd get the instructors for this, but I'll figure that out later. And then we'll have a school. The school -- and the community as a whole -- will be founded on Biblical values. In school, history will be taught, and it will include more than two pages on the Korean War, and students will also be taught about the Rape of Nanjing. Who's with me?
And I haven't figured anything else out yet because I made up all of the above completely off the top of my head.

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