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25 March 2009

That Lasted Long

This afternoon I was walking through a tunnel on campus. Since yesterday, there's been a poster on one of the two bulletin boards in the tunnel (as well as in various halls). The poster features a U.S. soldier in Iraq and advertises a public lecture on the U.S. withdrawal from Iraq. It immediately caught my eye when I first noticed it yesterday. I didn't notice it today.
Someone took it off the bulletin board (using enough care so as to replace the four tacks on the bulletin board) and tossed it on the ground. I must confess I wasn't totally surprised when I saw people obliviously trampling on the face-down poster, but I immediately knew what it was. So I picked it up, dusted it off, and took it back to my dorm with me. I'm debating where I should stick it. At the moment it's on my bed. I might put it on my wall -- but that would require me to take down the McCain/Palin signs.

Also, I'm probably infringing some sort of copyright by taking a photo of a photo on a poster. So I apologize if I am. And if I should be giving someone credit, let me know.


  1. That should be an interesting talk - likely enlightening to anybody who goes.

    Having served in Iraq I can assure you that the existing bases; particularly the largest ones (Victory Base Complex, Balad/Anaconda, Al Asad, etc...) will present a tremendous logistical challenge simply to pack-up all our gear and ship it back. (unless someone decides we should just leave it there...)

    Picture thousands and thousands of 12'x40' trailers used for billeting, tents, tens of thousands of broken down generators, vast quantities of hazardous wastes (though we might benefit from the fact that Iraq has no equivalent of the EPA).

    And that stuff isn't going to move itself; and not overnight.

    If we try as hard as we can - I'd be suprised if we could be moved out in less than 1.5 years.

  2. I'm very interested to hear what this speaker has to say. She's a journalist with the Chicago Tribune.

    One and a half years to move out? Wow. I hadn't really thought of all of the gear involved in fighting a war and the difficulties it would present following the end.

    Thank you for enlightening me on that issue, and thank you for your service.