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30 April 2009

Another Best Day of My Life

I was in Mass Communications & Society this morning when a classmate mentioned a movie she'd recently watched on TV. The Navy must have sponsored it, because she said it was inundated with Navy clips and commercials. While she was talking, my friend Tyler leaned over to whisper something.

Tyler: Join the Navy.
Me *half-whispering, half-singing*: See the world!
Tyler: . . . You've been brainwashed. Stop digging those trenches and get out of that bunker.

And then, later Tyler was referring to our professor as "an army of one," for various reasons. So I told him that, "It's 'Army Strong,' now. You need to update your slogans."

Also, I'd like to mention that I'm truly batting a thousand in that class. Today we handed in our media experience papers. We had to attend media events (which included watching movies with friends) and then write papers on audience reactions and elements of style. My first paper was about "The Bank Job," which was fairly easy since it was all about sex and action and heists and all that jazz. I wrote about "An American Carol" for my second essay.

I'd like to mention that this post is going to be absolutely random in terms of content, and I'm also so incredibly ecstatic that I have the feeling that nothing I write past this point will make any sense.

I started writing the above after I returned to my dorm (around 11:00), and within the hour and a half that's passed since then, I've been making all sorts of calls because . . . I'm going to go to NYC tomorrow to the filming of the Glenn Beck program! Floyd (who organized the tea party two weeks ago) called me to ask if I wanted to go (of course I wanted to go!) and then I had to call my parents to get a ride home, and then Floyd asked if my dad wanted to go, and then I had to rush my thesis off to my Women in the Middle East professor, and now I've got to pack because my mom is picking me up at 3:30, right after Chinese. Wow. I think I might die of happiness. Or nervousness. Or both. I seriously could not stop smiling the entire time I walked to my professor's office.

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