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01 May 2009

Pass the Blame

"A 10-year-old girl suffered burns on 70 percent of her body after a 16-minute session at an unmanned tanning salon," (FNC) and as a result, she must now stay out of direct sunlight for the next ten years. Her mother "is now making a public plea that all unmanned salons are shutdown" (FNC).
Or, maybe you could supervise your children when they go tanning. First of all, why does a ten-year-old child need to be tanning in the first place? I'm nineteen years old and I have never set foot in a tanning bed. I don't believe I'm missing anything. Again, I feel that people are being irresponsible, and then they blame the results of their irresponsibility on others. Granted, as I've never gone tanning, I have no idea how safe unmanned tanning beds are. However, I'm fairly certain they were intended to be operated by responsible, mature teenagers and adults. Not ten-year-olds.

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