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27 April 2009

Epic Fail

Normally, I reserve the phrase "epic fail" for such things as taking the wrong notebook to class, tripping over flat surfaces, and running into walls or door frames. However, I do believe the above clip, originally found on HotAirPundit, is not only an epic fail, but also an example of a poor excuse for a leader. Despite the fact that George W. Bush was no great orator (or scholar of the English language), I believe that he was able to speak frankly with the people. I realize that Obama is more technically-savvy than many of his counterparts (remember Biden's question about the Internet number?) or competitors (I'll never forget the third debate between legal tablet-wielding McCain and Blackberry-brandishing Obama), but I feel that he tends to use TOTUS as more of a crutch than an assist. Maybe he'll have all of the technical difficulties worked out before everyone dies of swine flu (which is what he was addressing).

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