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26 April 2009

Operation Mend

Despite suffering severe, appearance-altering injuries after his Humvee was blown up by a bomb, 32-year-old Sgt. Darron Mikeworth refuses to dwell on the past. "'I could have just flipped out,' he says. 'But I looked into the mirror and said, all right, there's no changing it. I just have to deal with it. This is me now'" (FNC). "'I have no reason to feel sorry for myself. I could be in a box underground somewhere,' he says. 'Every day above ground is a GOOD day'" (FNC). "Mikeworth's road to recovery has been part medical marvel, part profile in courage -- the stalwart soldier who rebuilds his confidence as doctors rebuild his face" (FNC).
With the help of Operation Mend, "a one-of-kind partnership between the UCLA Medical Center and Brooke, the program provides reconstructive surgery to members of the military who've been severely disfigured in Iraq and Afghanistan. So far, 24 men and women have been treated" (FNC).
"Sgt. Mikeworth hopes to join an Army unit by summer. He's on medical hold while he looks for a suitable slot. He's thinking about military intelligence or becoming an instructor" (FNC).

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