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19 April 2009

Things I've Learned About Journalism

Next time, I need to make sure to ask for names after taking photos. Although I knew most of my subjects' names, I have some photos with nameless people.

Invest in a tripod. I used Mr. Ritter's, which worked wonderfully.

Buy a newer digital camera. My Sony Cybershot is four or so years old, and even though it still takes great photos, sometimes the setting switches for no apparent reason, and I missed some really good shots yesterday because of that.

I need more pockets. Or something. I had a digital camera in my front and back pants pockets, a digital recorder in my other front pocket, a cell phone clipped to my jeans, and a Sony Handycam strapped to my hand.

Don't doubt the importance of a notebook and a pen. I left mine in my backpack most of the day, and then when I needed it, it was in my Jeep, and so I conducted my interviews and took notes with my Handycam.

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