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08 May 2009

I'm Coming Out

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Lately, one of my friends has convinced herself that I'm a closet Democrat. It all started earlier this week when we were discussing the Laramie Project and Stand Up For Love demonstration last weekend (which I helped organize, and then skipped in favor of Glenn Beck). I told her that I didn't agree with the homosexual lifestyle, but I had many homosexual friends and "It's not like I point at them and scream, 'You're going to Hell!'" I love them regardless of their sexual orientation. She then proceeded to tell me that, "You are such a Democrat, Betsy. You just don't know it. There's a little Democrat inside of you, begging to come out."
And then, yesterday, we were discussing our majors, and I said that even though I want to have a political career and work as a foreign or war correspondent, I also love graphic design and I wouldn't mind being a graphic designer some day. She shook her head and started laughing and said, "Graphic design? I'm telling you, you're a Liberal!" I didn't bother telling her that my graphics say things like, "War has never solved anything, except communism, facism and slavery."

Earlier today I was on Facebook and took a quiz titled, "What 60's subculture would you belong to?" Since I agreed with various answers, I took the quiz three times. Here are my results, in the order that I received them.
You belong to the Establishment. You live in suburbia, middle-class neighborhoods or the South and your friends are your Governor and your neighbors. Your mottos is: America- Love it or Leave It. Your heroes are people like Gen. Barry Sadler and Richard Nixon.
Free Love! You belong to the Hippies. You likely hang out in the Haight and your friends are the Diggers and the Brotherhood of Eternal Love. Your motto is: Turn On, Tune In and Drop Out. Your heroes are people like Timothy Leary and Stephen Gaskin.
Revolution! You belong to the Rebels. You have a wide variety of hangouts, but usually "underground" or on the streets and your friends are Hell's Angels and other revolutionaries like the Weathermen. Your motto is: By Any Means Necessary. Your heroes are people like Malcolm X and Bernardine Dohrn.


  1. It's not being a "closet democrat", I think it's being a compassionate conservative.

  2. I agree. I told her something similar, but she didn't think it was possible. She's since decided that I must be some sort of new conservative.