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06 May 2009

JetBlue +

Active-duty military personnel who book flights by May 7 at 11:59PM from Washington Dulles Int'l Airport and Richmond Int'l Airport through JetBlue will only pay $1 (one way). "Travel must be completed between May 8 and May 31" (Military Times). According to JetBlue's website, "the promotion is in honor of National Military Appreciation Month. The company is also donating $15,000 to the Wounded Warrior Project.
Those interested should search for flights online from Dulles and Richmond and select a variety of travel dates and fligh toptions between May 8 and May 31. Once you've decided on some flights and dates, call (800) 538-2583 and select option 4 to book a flight. The $15 phone booking fee will be waived for this promotion. These flights cannot be purchased online or at the airport service counter.
Only nonstop domestic flights are eligible. You still must pay applicable taxes and fees. $1 will get you a one-way ticket; roundtrip tickets are $1 each way for flights in which the first leg originates at Dulles or Richmond. [CAC] card and leave papers also required."

This month is National Military Appreciation Month? It's also Asian/Pacific Islander Month!!! Ironically, I've lately been feeling that the military has not been appreciative of its members. But maybe the purpose of this month is for civilians to appreciate our military.

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