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03 May 2009

National Day of Prayer

May 7, 2009 is the National Day of Prayer. This day should be no different from any other in that we seek communion with God and a deeper relationship with Him, and yet it should be completely different in that the power and number of our prayers should offer even more strength to our government, military, businesses, families, the church as a whole. The prayers of a nation are a powerful force.
Prayer and God have always been an integral part of this country -- in fact, every state's preamble mentions God or divine providence in one form or another. Prayer and God should continue to be important to our nation -- even if our president tells the rest of the world we are not a Christian nation.

In other news, an RA just stopped by my dorm to bestow a bottle of hand sanitizer upon my roommate and me, so that we may ward off the swine flu.

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