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27 August 2009

Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead

Ted Kennedy has kicked the bucket. It’s about time, there wasn’t much material left to my voodoo doll. The “Lion” has let loose his death roar, and now they want his name on it. It is people like this that remind us of why abortion remains legal; all of this could have been prevented. Mary Jo Kopechne might still even be alive.
He is not going to go away. They will continue to try to honor him by doing a large amount of ridiculous things. Hopefully this will take “That’s Ignorant” Michael Jackson who has croaked forever ago; off of the news. Things like this are like the times when you poop a portrait of the Mona Lisa; you call everyone in to see it, then you flush it down and forget it happened. But since he was a bureaucrat, a member of “America’s Royal Family” and a liberal, they will be making documentaries on the legacy of the lion, or some other pathetic name.
First off, our founding fathers never intended for there to be royalty, we are supposed to be equal. But because of who he was, he got away with murder, fleeing the scene of a crime, and a DUI. On top of that when they convicted him of fleeing the scene, he never served a day of his sentence. He should have been convicted of treason and hung, but that’s a separate issue.
This man made a career of being a senator. That is not right. We need new people and new ideas. Instead we have people continue to try and force down our gullets the same crap we threw right back to them before, only for them to try and put it back on the plate. Nothing gets done this way. Teddy probably didn’t remember creating HMO’s yet he was against what he created in earlier in his career. This makes me wonder, if they were so concerned with Reagan possibly having Alzheimer’s disease while he was in office, (he started at age 70) what if Teddy had it? He died at age 77; if he didn’t have it he was at least old and senile.
This man who did more to make America communist; a system proven not to work; is going to be paraded around and speeches will be made in his honor. It is this attitude that someone so destructive to American ideals that will bring us down. This drunk was nothing worth honoring yet they will, I’m wondering who else could get drunk, rape a girl, kill her, drive the car with her body in it off a bridge, and flee the scene could put forth such a successful attempt to mess this great country. So to you Teddy I thumb my nose at you, and fart in your general direction.

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  1. Obviously, Devil Doc, you've forgotten about the waitress sandwich that Kennedy and Dodd had back in 1990 in a restaurant, I believe, in New York. Will there be a memorial to that?