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Each writer has free reign over postings. One writer's views are not necessarily the views of all writers.

27 August 2009

A Few Good Writers

Lately, there have been a few changes around L2. L2 is welcoming two new writers to the team -- Xavier Brightside and Mad Dog 20/20.

Brightside is a soldier with the U.S. Army, OIF VII/VIII veteran and the friend of a friend.

Mad Dog 20/20 is a Conservative Christian, former U.S. soldier and Vietnam era veteran.

L2 is currently looking for more writers to add to the team, since some write more consistently than others and I would prefer to have new material on a fairly regular basis. We would prefer writers who:
  • are fairly knowledgeable about current events and politics (depending on what you choose to write about).
  • share Conservative values.
  • have a decent grasp of the English language (I will proofread if you'd prefer).
[EDITED 8/29]

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