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12 August 2009

Greetings Comrades!

It seems that by some twist of fate that I was asked to contribute to this blog. SO BE WARNED! My views differ in some ways from the other contributors. I am rude, politically incorrect, and will tell you how it is without sugar coating it so as to lose its meaning. More than likely I will be rather controversial, you may find yourself mildly amused.
In the next couple posts I plan to prove that the anti-Christ is probably here among us and explain why the following persons are likely candidates: Hillary Clinton, Oprah Winfrey, and of course, comrade Pelosi. Also, I will keep you up to date on the “messiah’s” pinko agenda.
So you’ve been warned, if you are of the red menace mindset you might want to never again read any of my posts because I’m making it my sole purpose on here to prove that you are just plain stupid.
I will close with a quote from the great Bocephus himself, Hank Williams Jr. : “I’ll keep my freedom, my guns, my money, my religion, and you can keep the “CHANGE”

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