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12 August 2009

Welcome Aboard, Isaac!

Lately, I've been searching for a few good men (or women) to add to the team. . . .

Devil Doc and I graduated in the same class and grew up about a mile from one another. He is currently serving in the US Navy as a corpsman, and when I sent out a request for help with Licentia Loquendi, Devil Doc was the first to respond. Devil Doc's views also tend to make me look like a bleeding heart liberal.

As of now, I am uncertain how often he will be able to post, but he will be a great help, nevertheless. I am very excited to have him on the team, and I know that he will definitely add a new perspective to Licentia Loquendi!

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  1. Hello Isaac and Betty. Great blog. I am adding you to the SGP blog list right now. And I will follow this blog through my dashboard. I look forward to seeing more of your stuff. Be sure and go to the other SGP blogs and click the "follow" button so we can support and comment on each other's posts.