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13 August 2009

I Told You So

I started this a while back and finished it today and it kind of ties into my McCarthy post. If you are reading what I writing, please leave a comment so that I have a rough idea of my readers, you don’t need to put anything, or you can even call me an idiot for all I care but then of course that might hurt my feelings in this ultra sensitive society.
The other day I was sitting at the chow hall eating lunch with some friends, for whatever reason, the TV’s in all Marine galleys are tuned to CNN. On this particular day, Obama was announcing that he was looking for ideas to better America’s health care, and people that had any ideas should feel free to share them with him. I looked at my one buddy and told him flat out that this was Obama’s way of trying to get socialized medicine. He said something along the lines of he’s just trying to get ideas of how to better health care. I said wait and see. Not too long after that day it seems that the Obama administration wasted five minutes of my time by telling me that they wanted ideas but seem to be that eager to screw up America that they didn’t even wait for the mailman to show up. Needless to say I told Bolser I told you so.
Now, unless he can’t think for himself, he had the whole socialized thing on his agenda for awhile now. With the economy the way it is, I’m pretty sure socializing anything is going to help get us out of this slump. When Lenin came into power the first thing he did was use capitalism to boost the economy, because it works, if it didn’t then how this great country has lasted two hundred and thirty three years and the Soviet Union didn’t last the twentieth century? Socialized medicine is not free, who is going to change bed pans, get peed on, potentially catch something like AIDS for free, raise a family, have a house etc? Few if any. Their current campaign commercial tries to make it look like if we don’t do implement socialized medicine now the poor are going to die off. Well if that is the case why didn’t they try to pass it earlier? At the same time, who is going to pay for this trillion plus dollar enterprise? The poor are going to have to cough up more tax dollars to pay for this just like everyone else, making them poorer. Now is not the time to even attempt to start something like that because the higher taxes are going to hurt the people even more and cause them to spend less. Another great example would be raising the taxes on tobacco, a multi- billion dollar industry, now I’m not saying it is right or wrong, but if we are in such a crisis as they are claiming why are they going to raise the taxes on something that people will quit buying as a result? That will only cause more people to be without a job. Now is not the time to be trying any of thing of the sort. Who buys tobacco? Usually the people that don’t have as much money to spend, so you are hurting them by raising the taxes on those people so that they can’t afford them and quit and this puts the tobacco companies out of business making more people look for jobs. Isn’t that rather self defeating?
Look at Canada a country that the left seems to want to emulate with a similar health care system because it is so good. Then why do the rich Canadians come to America for their medical care? Because they don’t have to wait in line and since it’s a free market there is competition which makes for better doctors. So instead of good health care we will have free health care. Imagine going into a doctor’s office and having to wait in line because there is a crowd of hypochondriacs that have paper cuts and you have a femoral bleed and are going to die in under a minute. As a corpsman I see everyday what free medical care does to people, they show up for stupid stuff that if you had half a brain could take care of at home for less than it costs to drive to the hospital but since its free they are going to go.
What about the whole pull the plug on someone that still has a chance because it’s more cost effective scheme? If you’ve ever had a loved one on life support I think you’d understand. Then of course you have to consider what else they will do to cut costs, like reuse things that you wouldn’t normally reuse. Or declaring what they will treat, like AIDS, if you got it why treat it? It’s a death warrant, so what justifies giving you the treatment to enjoy a few more days with the living? They will probably also justify more abortions, since if you take a vacuum cleaner to their brains now, you don’t have to treat them for cancer, and that broken bone from a bicycle accident later, this will save the government billions of dollars. Who cares that we might have killed the kid that discovers a cure for AIDS or a longer lasting light bulb? We are saving money that we can use to kill more unborn children! Or sponsor more eugenics research!
When will people learn that conservatism is called right wing because we are right? Maybe we should have them sterilized and breed all this Marxist horse hockey out of the gene pool.

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  1. You are preaching to the choir and I like the way you preach it!