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13 August 2009

Oh Senator McCarthy Where Are You When We Need You?

A title like this is more than likely going to cause someone to at least raise an eyebrow or two, I could care less. Not too long ago everyone realized communism for what it was, evil. Not too long ago the American people elected numerous people that years earlier would’ve been accused of being a communist. Now everywhere I go, every time I turn the radio on, or try to find out what’s happening in the world, all that is on is town hall meetings. If the American people would have been smart in the first place this never would have happened.
Now people are up in arms about socialized medicine, and wondering how we even got here. Guess what? You did it to yourselves. Because you decided it was time for “change” and tired of the last administration, you let whatever was fundamentally different get elected. Now you got your panties in a bunch because you never saw this coming. How bout next time you decide to vote you read the fine print and make an educated decision on who you vote for.
Now since apparently regular healthcare seems to be the cause of the drop in our economy let’s see what we can do besides implementing socialized medicine. What if we made it harder to sue people? Part of the reason that your medical bill is so high is because you are helping to pay for the doctor’s malpractice insurance. In todays sue happy get rich quick by lawsuit world the doctors have to cover their own butts because nobody wants to earn an honest living. Granted some doctors do drive sports cars and have four million dollar yachts, but chances are that doctor actually knows what he is doing. That’s a rather simple fix to something that wasn’t a problem until Obama came into office. Granted it isn’t going to make medical care free or pennies but it’ll help, a lot.
Now I predicted this while Obama was still running that he would try to create socialized medicine here. Sure enough he did. Here’s food for thought: What if the whole swine flu thing was just a way to try and get more support behind the socialist agenda? Prior to Obama getting elected there was no mention of swine flu, now that he is trying to push a socialized medicine bill down our throats swine flu magically becomes a pandemic. Seems at least a little odd doesn’t it? What is the big deal with H1N1? It is the flu! Who does the flu pose a threat to? The extremely old, the really young, and those that are already sick. Even then according to AARP.org the elderly may actually be immune to it! So the entire planet is going to get wiped out because this flu thing doesn’t have a cure. That is what they want you to think. In reality there is nothing to worry about like it is Ebola. The flu comes around every year and nobody makes that big of a deal over the regular flu. Sure there isn’t a vaccine for it, but even when you do get inoculated you can still get the flu! The flu mist or flu shot does not cover all types of flu, a group of doctors decides every year what types of flu are going to be in the vaccine and that changes every year. Now you would’ve thought someone would’ve have pointed this out before in the government, but why would they if they were using as an excuse to help push their agenda?
The clinic at Camp Geiger so far is the only place to have confirmed cases of H1N1 on Camp Lejeune, and all we did to treat them was quarantine and monitor them, that’s it. So why are we making such a big deal over nothing? Of course the drive by, liberal media is going to play along with this conspiracy.

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