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13 February 2010

How to Leave a Soldier

How to Leave a Soldier
"The war on terror may be impossible to resolve. Ending my marriage was easy."
I'm not quite certain where to begin with this article, so I'll leave the commenting to everyone else.

U.S., Afghan and NATO forces have entered Marjah and have begun an offensive against the Taliban. According to Major General Nick Carter, "'the operation went without a single hitch'" (FNC).

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  1. So the commenting for everyone else is to began? The commit made of “The war on terror may be impossible to resolve. Ending my marriage was easy." Is used easily unfortunately in today’s society and military world that we have built. We have no one to blame but ourselves. The stem of which this has progressed is Child Rearing. Granted not all are to blame for some actually do their job as parents and don’t rely on the child care or school system only for their children to learn. The reason that the war on terror may be impossible to resolve is it’s now an open subject know about worldwide when it was only fought before in the dark corners of our closet and with all the doors shut it seemed like the world was a great place. Now that we (as Americans) choose to fight it full frontal head on and not quite it seems challenging. The only real change is its large scale and not a secret anymore. Yes it will probably always exist but what size it does exist can be controlled. The large scale however that we are currently at is the same or closely related to the same one of “ending my marriage was easy” remark. Teaching people that it is ok to quit and do what you want to make yourself temporarily happy till the next time you have to do the same. This grows into well then I can be mean cause it’s ok to do what I need to make it easier for me. And this growth is like mushrooms in the dark (we have all heard this statement). So if we start fixing the problems from the roots of actually raising proper adults instead of allowing TV, Video Games, and other resources we might still have a fighting chance to save America, before we kill our self’s and blame others for the problem. In a sentence to sum it all up. My reply to the statement would be “Stop teaching its ok to quit.”