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10 February 2010

Obama's WMD, According to a College Prof

Oh, D.C. I can't believe you've shut down. Just what does the Kremlin think of us now?

Media History on Tuesday was interesting (I won't have class tomorrow, as the snowpocalypse has cancelled classes both today and tomorrow). First, there was my seeming inability to shut up, which started when my professor said that families with loved ones in the military/deployed watch CNN for their news, and I said that they watch Fox, and then continued when she mentioned that the military and government have hid the number of casualties in war, and I proceeded to enlighten her about Honor the Fallen. But the highlight of my life occurred when we were discussing Saddam's lack of weapons of mass destruction and suddenly she said something to the effect of: When Obama was building his arsenal. . . . At which point a round of "OOOOOH!" sounded throughout the room and my jaw dropped as I started laughing. And then she looked up at the ceiling, shook her head, placed her hand on her chin and said, "Freudian slip." Is she aware of what a Freudian slip is? If so, I must admit that she just rose a few notches on my Opinion Pole.

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  1. Yet even more proof that people love to live in bubbles and talk about things they have no clue about. Isn’t the first course there supposed to teach in college about how to research before you speak to be knowledgeable for all arguments? Maybe internet is too expensive.