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21 February 2010

The Liberal Agenda, and Flawed Tests

There comes a point in time when man must put his foot down in usually what is a large pile of fecal material and stop a flawed uneducated mindset or just plain stupid idea. Once again I find myself doing this for you, the reader. Today I am going to wade through all of the B.S. and give you the reader tools to fight the liberal agenda's corrupt mindset. Religion is something that the left wants to silence because it teaches the people how their flawed beliefs are wrong. So the left tries to use arguments like that religion is an outdated, backwords idea, that just shows you how uneducated you are, so on and so forth. But today I have a way for you to speak out against the left and show them how much common sense they lack.
A lot of research has been conducted to find the gay gene and prove that queerism is a genetic trait not a matter of choice. I have heard that they alledged found this, but for whatever resson this isn't mainstream news. Now why is that? I will explain how that is impossible very shortly. For starters just about any expierement into that is likely to be very biased toward proving that there is a gay gene. Look at the Miller, Urey expieriment that tried to prove how the "first" cells were made instead of creating life they created toxic chemicals that would prevent any life from existing, but this is still being taught to America's youth as proof that evolution is how we came about.
Clearly you can't be a true Christan and beleive that homosexuality or evoulution is right, so what if you beleived in evolution? That would prove that there can't be a gay gene. Through all the "billions" of years of human development the gay gene would have been bred out of the gene pool. Survival of the fitess. If you can't breed and reproduce then those genes die out. Plain and simple it makes about as much sense as me voting for a liberal.
Now if we look back throughout history we can see how fairys are that way by choice. The spartans from the true 300 story had an orgy prior to the battle. During the renassance it was popular for a young boy to have a sugar daddy that would treat him to fine gifts in return for sexual favors. In the current middle east, woman are held in such low regard that they have man love Monday, according to them all woman are good for is breeding. Boys, men, and animals are for "fun". Don't beleive me? Ask anyone thats been there, and they'll tell you the same thing. Now if its determined that you are a full fledge fag they will stone you, but on Monday anything goes. Look at dropping your soap in prison.
All that they are trying to do by forcing this vile, disgusting garbage down our throats is to undermine the very same religon that provides the basis for our founding fathers to make the laws that started our country down the right path. They are trying to silence the truth because it makes them feel bad when they are proven wrong. They are just trying to force their corrupt agenda down everyone throats to make America communist. By even suggesting that gay is not a choice would mean that it is normal for catholic priests to have an affliction for little boys. To think of the day when that is considered normal distrubs me so much I've got to stop for my own good. But what is the difference?

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