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21 February 2010

What's in a Name?

Yes I know its been awhile friends. But keeping my truck on the road takes its toll on my wallet and that's my priority over getting my sabotaged computer fixed. Just the other day a grandfather came up to me at graduation and asked me if I was a corpsman. I of course said yes. He asked me how it felt to be a corpseman. I gave the dirtiest of looks that I could conjur up and he said that that is what our glorious commander in chief called me and my brethern. In a speech he said how proud he was of the Navy corpsemen in Hati. Now I take great offense to this, have you heard of the Marine corspse? No by the time a young lad's testicles have dropped he learns his errored ways and corrects it. It is basic Latin. The news media spent the last eight years trying to defame George W. Bush and call him an uneducated inbred retard because he wasn't a great oratator, and was a little nervous in front of crowds. Yet we have a man that insults his troops by insinuating that instead of being the angels of the battlefield where through our wings we patch the Marines up and put them back into the forward charge. Togehter we are the angels amongst each others shoulders for we keep each other alive. Instead aaccording to our glorious proclaimed "messiah" we are bringers of death to our Marines. That just goes to show how much of master of the teleprompter the Obama family is, look at his wife who annoys me to the point that if her Hati relief commercial was any longer my wrists would be slashed she is that bad. At least George Bush could memorize a script and not look at a telepromter. If he had done that it would be all over the news, but considering who it was it quietly fell through the cracks to be swept into the dustpan of history. My second thing is Hati, why are we in Hati? What have they done for us? Here we are amongest a great economical decline and we are helping those that can't even take care of themselves on a normal day. We have starving people here in America and we aren't doing anything about that. Its only making things worse for us by spending the tax payers money on a worthless cause. Yes I just sayed that and will stand by that. What about Katrina when did Hati come to our aid? When has anyone come to our aid? When billions of dollars in damage was done to us and nobody reached out to help us in our time of need, and with all we have done in the past for other countries amongst our world we are always helping France a weak and pathetic nation that is continually conquired by every western nation since the Romans, we lost lives for Beirut, Somaillia, and the liberation of Kuwaitt, why should we help anyone else? Whatever happened to the Monroe Doctorine mindset. We need to take care of overselves first before we can try and take care of a country that will never help us. When is going to be our turn, when is someone going to help us for our next Katrina? When is someone going to help us with the next 7.0 in the San Andreas? Is it going to take us to ask someone else for our aid?

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