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11 March 2010

Perverting The Vision

Imagine with me if you will a day when you don't make decisions for yourself, but a much higher authority does. This includes what you can do, how much exercise you are required based on health records, you have become a mere pawn in the largest game of chess ever played. This is not 1984 or some other Orwellian plot; but the very future of our lives.
Rumor on the street has it that congress is currently discussing a bill that would make it illegal for a cook to put salt in your food at a resturarnt. As absurd as this sounds lawmakers have been doing this type of thing since the dawn of time. There are two main purposes for this: 1 in what Glenn Beck refers to as the nanny state lawmakers try to think for us in what they think is our best interest when really its common sense, such as seat belt laws. Granted they do save lives, but why do we need the government to step in and tell us that we have to do something when it boils down to common sense. I call it survival of the fittest, if you are too stupid for your own good you prevent yourself from contaminating the gene pool. 2 this what congress does to justify their existance. There are only so many things to do, so they make up B.S. problems to create laws to fix them, which never fix the so called problem in the first place, and only create more problems. Look at global warming as a prime example. Remember they fear that if we can no longer justify paying them they will disappear.
Now think of what this means, no pasta. When boiling water to make pasta you add salt. Believe it or not but salt goes into cakes, and cookies too. So they are ruining our diets and restricting our rights. Be it the day when somebody tells me that I can't eat something because they said so. Now here is the big question, when our founding fathers gave established our government they gave it certain powers, so as to prevent tyranny. So how can they legally do this? It clearly states in the tenth amendment: The powers not delegated to the United States by the constitution, nor prohibitted by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people. Now I want you to show me in the constitution where it says that they can control what I can eat. IF you can come up with some goofy clause that allows this leave me a comment. What we have a country have allowed this them to go unquestioned. At the same time where does this facillitate socialized medicine? Clearly the American people have forgotten the number of lives given to prevent us from livening under a government that over stepped its bounds. We fought the Brits because we thought the king was a tyrant. Also, the common misconception that the War Between the States, was fought over slavery is wrong. The Emmancipation Proclamation was written after the Battle of Antiemn in 1862. Fort Sumpter the battle that started the war, started on April 12, 1861. Wouldn't it make sense that if that was about slavery that the Proclamation would've been written first? No it boils down to states rights, the south knew that the government was becoming too powerful and they stood up against that. When are we going to say enough is enough? Their power stems from our consent, they are there to benifit us not control us like a gulag. All branches of government continue to allow unconstitutional laws to be passed, as a result all that what our country once stood for is being corrupted and we are loosing our national identity.

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