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20 June 2010

AHHHHH! Stupid People Are Everywhere!

The 19th century seems to abound with maligned and rather disturbing infantile theories that have now become revered ideologies into the 20th and 21st centuries despite the fact that they have been proven to be wrong. Darwin's theory of evolutionary thought that lead to eugenics and Hitler's quest to create a perfect race. Yet through my studies on the human body alone, there is no way, that by pure accident that we just happen to have an immune system, or sweat to cool off. It doesn't add up. This only lead me to confirm my belief that we were wonderfully made in God's image. Then we have Marx's and Engles pathetic notions, that they must of put as much thought into as I do about plopping yesterdays lunch into a porcelain chair. As per usual, I like to throw out the status quo, and engage in intellectual, almost philosophical conversations, (this kills time and stimulates the gray matter) on politics and religion. I was shocked by a police sergeant's closed minded, uneducated perspective on the grand scheme of things, claiming that trickle down economics is null and void, and clamoring on about how unions, that they "have it right." I spoke a piece on how unions are part of the cause of our current plague, and are in essence useless today. He said something about if a union worker heard me say that he'd hit me with a shovel. Thus ended the conversation, because we had to pull his truck out of the same hole that he got stuck in half an hour before. That should tell you something of the leftist, dare I say, intellect? So without further ado, what I wrote by chemlight:
There is no utopia, the thought itself is nothing but a pipe dream. You simply cannot achieve the perfection. But in lieu, you can do the next best thing. There is always a downfall in every system, so if common sense always prevailed, you'd choose the one with the least amount of faults. Now why do we even have money in the first place? To use it in exchange for something that we ourselves can't find or make. Now if you had no monetary limit, what would you buy? I'm not saying a happy marriage or something similar. The usual thing would be something like a Ferrari. Well if we were all equal financially speaking, either nobody would have it, or everyone would, which takes most of the fun from it, and is the least likely to occur. This in itself is incentive, if you want something you have to work hard for it. This means that you alone are responsible for your future. If you know that you have nothing to work towards, then you see that as you have no reason to work, and you just collect a wellfare check. Well, what happens when everyone begins to think like that, and nobody works? There would be no money, and nothing would ever get done. But by rewarding hard work, and moving up you make your own lot in life. So if you are a lazy worthless piece of garbage, you will die a lazy, worthless, piece of garbage. But, instead of sitting on your fat, blubbering posterior, you bust your hump day in and day out, never relenting, you stand a good chance of coming out on top. But, to do so, you need to realize, nothing in life is given to you. If it were so, there would be gumdrop mountains, rainbows sprouting out of Al Gore's ears, and Nancy Pelosi would be riding unicorns. The dull dreary thought of everyone being the same, it just sounds boring and repetitive, that cause there to be only one car company, one grocery shop, one TV channel. Dull. Lifeless. Like Janet Reno.
Now, if you made a substantially higher paycheck, would you sit on it, or spend more money? Well the above mentioned police sergeant's story was that Reaganomics doesn't work because the rich are all misers and live in caves on public land, eating roots and berries, while wearing fig leaves, or something like that. Well, to be honest, I for the half see the truth in what he was saying, but really, that just shows he never really thought beyond what he has, and what he wants.
If that were the case, why is there a market for caviar, Cadillacs, fur coats, fancy cigars, expensive wine, yachts, tailored suits, sports cars, and private jets? Now, without the wealthy, there would be no market for these, and millions of lost jobs. Well comrade if you want everyone to have a job you'll have a heck of a job creating more when you redistribute the wealth. So the whole thought that trickle down economics doesn't work is absurd, yet what is even more is Obama's trickle up quote. If you have money you will spend at least some of it, and if you have more, you will spend more. This might not always be the case, but I didn't say it was perfect, just that it was the best. So, by having more funds to spend, they will take that longer vacation, and get the leather seats in the car. Which all of these have more people involved in the process than you might think. Somebody has to raise the cow, somebody kills it, skins it, another tans the hide, somebody else cuts it to size and covers the actual seat. So by that one guy that had a little extra money in his pocket allowed more people to take home more money. That example alone missed numerous other people that profit from the entire ordeal. To top that off, those people that profited from it, get more money to spend on themselves and even more people get involved and exponentially everybody benefits. This is an elementary concept that people for whatever reason can't grasp! Why? It must be the curse of the department of educations meddling. Thanks Jimmy Carter! You were so good to us. (He might a good poster boy for a pro-choice campaign) Then again, common sense wouldn't prevail with the exception of a few.
My last job before coming to lovely Camp Swampy, was making guns for children. (The shame is I didn't make more.) We all liked working there, we could "organize" but we didn't want to. Why, you ask? Because the conditions were great, things were safe, we got paid well, etc. What we always dreaded was a visit from OSHA. Because, for starters, we were all grown adults, and if something wasn't safe, that was our own individual fault. Yet they would come by and say something about somebody not wearing safety glasses while running a CNC lathe that was completely in closed making there no reasonable need to wear glasses, unless it was secretly run by a nuclear reactor and we were bombed by Panamanian socialists. In that case I think safety glasses would be the least of our worries. My point is unions, aren't really needed, at all. For safety we have OSHA, the health department, all these inspectors out the wazoo. So Upton Sinclair can just stay dead, that was then this is now. There are so many regulations that really a union is only good for the "free" picnic. Another thought of mine that I'm just throwing out there for you to chew on is if unions protect the workers, why is there a Union of Union Representatives? That should speak for itself. A substantial number of people are threatened to join, (wait, who's protecting who from who now?) Yet in 60% of the elections to see if the company wants to join a union the vote passes, if they needed protection, don't you think the boss would try to stop them? The fact that they get mandatory pay raises would be in the words of Jackie Gleason "old fashion communism" that gives them no incentive to work harder. Another thought is of mine that I'm just throwing out out there is, if people are paying dues just for their collective bargaining, then how could SEIU ever afford to "contribute" $80 million smackers to candidates in the 2008 election? (Mostly Obama too) Truth is unions are about as crooked as a dogs hind leg, and about as useful as teats on a boar.They are very shady crooks.Read Arguing With Idiots by Glenn Beck, he does a much better job of explaining it than I do.But really, unions don't do anybody except the liberal politicians any good. Look at Chrysler, the union got almost all of the from the bailout package, why? Well if we follow the paper trail, their union paid millions into seeing Obama get elected. Oops! The cat rolled around in its own feces before being let out of the bag!
Unfortunately stupid people still exist, that's why things are how they are. But we can fix most of the problems, and pick up the slack of the Department of Education. Which brings me to my next post, unless something else comes up first. See you then.

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