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22 June 2010

Contract With America II

There has been a lot of clamoring lately about why on earth there hasn't been another Contract With America. Well being the good sort of fellow that I am, I decided to take the initiative and write my own. After it all passes, there would be a great deal of weeping, and wailing, people tearing out their own hair, people threatening to jump off buildings, and gnashing of teeth if it doesn't get repealed, all in Berkley California. So here is my message to them before it happens: Just do it already.

Operation Wetback II Maybe California wouldn't be in so much debt if they didn't give everything that they payed for to people that never did, and never will contribute into the system. So lets get rid of the parasites in our country. They broke the law, so we are just going to let them get away with it? Get them out of here! They steal jobs from the people that actually pay into the system. The hollow excuse is that they do jobs that we won't do, well when they work for an employer that doesn't pay minimum wage, that might explain why we aren't doing those jobs.

In order for operation Wetback II to be successful we need to secure our border. It is ridiculous for us to think that we are all safe asleep in our beds when we have over 2000 illegals coming across the border everyday. If they can do it, don't you think a terrorist could? or maybe use it as a way to get WMD's across? Just a thought. So I propose that we secure our border by placing two layers of fence with landmines in between them. Of course we must utilize razor ribbon and warning signs to make it obvious that we mean business. To supplement the border patrol National Guard troops will be used to help. Under this new plan, we will shoot on site any armed invaders, and for good measure, tattoo first time offenders with a serial number, and catapult them back over so that the tax payers don't have to pay for a plane ticket. Second time offenders will be sent to Cuba as repayment for the Murial fiasco. This is not "racism" this is law enforcement, if one of your loved ones was murdered and nothing done about it, you would be moaning for justice, and law enforcement, that's all we want; so shut up already. Anyone found to be employing, harboring, and/ or knowingly don't turn in these criminals will be prosecuted. The title: The Border Security Act. I think the title is pretty creative.

This is the only part of this post where this fits. Make English our national language. The current majority of us speak it. If you come here and want to function in society, you must learn to read, write, and speak English. If you want to be a citizen, you must prove proficiency with the English language. By not knowing it you are only limiting yourself, and making others despise you for being lazy and making things difficult for the rest. You left wherever you came from, for the American dream, you can learn blooming English.

The current tax code is thousands upon thousands of pages and growing. We constantly have people claiming that somebody isn't paying their fair share. Because of the complex monster, corrupt politicians use the tax code as a weapon to dispose of their enemies, look at Rush Limbaugh while he lived in New York, he was constantly audited year after year; yet they couldn't find anything but used it just to hassle him. We are burdened and to cover our own behinds have to pay money out of our pockets just to file taxes and make sure it is right and even, then with so many loop holes and random garbage they still might get you. This is ridiculous, so we repeal the 16th amendment, and ratify H.R. 25 S.296. I don't even need to think up a title because it already has one: The Fair Tax Act. With 49% of Americans not paying taxes and that means people like me, (an actual tax payer) are getting SCREWED!!!!!! To make matters worse, you have others that cheat on paying them, this eliminates it. Got questions? Read the book, or visit fairtax.org for details.

Did your parents ever tell you to be careful who your friends were? or wouldn't let you hang around with the "bad apples." Unless you grew up in Mayberry or your nickname was Beaver and you had an older brother named Wally and this never happened to you, either you had bad parents or were in fact yourself a "bad apple." The logic behind this is that their bad habits wear off on you and/or just plain guilt by association. To make my point I'll redirect my fire from a few other directions whilst they others sink in. As a parent, would you take parenting advice from a toddler, a child molester, or a negligent parent? If you were baking a cake, and it wasn't coming out right, would you continue to repeat the whole process in hopes that it would come out right? What happens if you just use hollow threats when it comes to discipline your child? They laugh at you and keep doing whatever it is that they aren't suppose to do. So why do we as a nation continue to participate in similar follies? The above mentioned scenarios happen everyday in a little joint project called the United Nations. In it are despots, tyrants, countries that sponsor terrorism, human rights violators, communists, and socialists. And of course there we are, betwixt all of the earth's scum. They can't run their countries, yet they try to tell us how to run ours? They try to promote peace through sanctions that are a joke and actually send us to wars to support their cause. You don't see France, China, Iran, Cuba and the like sending troops. American tax payers hard earned money goes into something that doesn't benefit them. Did the U.N. help us with Katrina? When has the U.N. done anything for us? If their sanctions actually worked then why do we still have wars? Our founding fathers warned us not to get involved with foreign conglomerates, but of course, who listened? Woodrow Wilson tried to get us involved with the League of Nations, and we didn't because we saw reason. That and it was his idea, and I don't think he had any good ones. Then we got into the U.N. after the second World War. We are a sovereign nation, we are not France, or Cuba, we are America, so why are we having Libya make laws for us? I have a sign on my wall that I look at everyday before I go to work it says "Si Vis Pacem Parabellum" If you wish for peace, prepare for war. With that thought alone we don't need any part of the U.N. Yet we continue to bankroll the farce. So with the Enact National Sovereignty Act we contribute nothing to the U.N., no troops, no funds, yet we remain members so as to observe our enemies.

Grace Commission II In 1982 Ronald Reagan (God Bless you man!) created the Grace Commission to work like tireless bloodhounds. Here are their findings. "We came up with 2,478 separate, distinct, and specific recommendations..... For practical purposes, these savings, if fully implemented, could virtually eliminate the reported deficit by the 1990's versus an alternative deficit of $10.2 trillion in the decade of the 1990's if no action is taken.
"Equally important, the 2,478 cost cutting, revenue enhancing recommendations we have made can be achieved without raising taxes, without weakening America's needed defense build up, and without in any way harming necessary social welfare programs.
'Nuff said!
Yet what I find mind boggling is that congress didn't approve any of this, and there were enough S.O.B.s running around come election day to re-elect this mental degenerates. Thanks dummies.

Through the Harvesting America's Resources Act, we allow drilling much closer to shore for oil, and natural gas. ANWR will be opened to drilling. We must depend on what is ours. We claim to care about the environment, so we don't drill yet we get oil from countries that couldn't care less about it. WHAT!? While doing so funding our enemies. Let's take what is ours, by Allah! Thus creating jobs, boosting the economy and lowering the price of gas. WOW! Truth be told Global Warming, Climate Change, whatever the current politically correct term is in for that at present is just proof that your I.Q. was found in the children's shoe department. Yet, eventually oil will run out, that is a simple truthful fact. So we must still look into other avenues to power America. With that said, as much as I hate to say it, we should look toward France. In 1977 Jimmy Carter whose brain are just peanut shells, made it illegal to recycle nuclear waste. Yet France has been doing so and can run their country for approximately fourteen years on the their waste. The U.S. currently has enough waste saved up that if used could run every American home for twelve years. The resulting amount of nuclear waste that we couldn't use after that is very insignificant. So what are we waiting for? So to top it off we will pass The Declaration of Energy Independence , so that by 2030 we are no longer depending on people that still wipe their butts with their bare hands for energy. No longer are we at their mercy.

The End of Political Corruption Act would first and foremost limit the amount of time that congress serve in office, allowing for a combined total of twelve years of serving in congress. That means two terms in the senate, six in the house, or one term in the senate and three in the house. Our founding fathers never intended for it to be a career, yet its happening. They are so concerned with getting re-elected that they forget about their actual job and waste valuable time trying to get another two or six years to tack on to their past fifty years of wasteful spending. So that they may concentrate on serving us instead of trying to stay in business we put a limit on the time they can be in. The president has to do it,(not in honor of FDR, like they tell you, but rather because he was an oxygen thief and tried to run us into the ground) so why can't they? Thus brings me to my next point, earmark spending, pork barrel, by whatever name it is called, it is only a ploy used by politicians to get re-elected. Why would I in North Cackalacky, want to spend my money on a bridge in Pigs Knuckle Arkansas, that not only I will never use, but only two people will use. In 2006 congress approved $29 billion in earmarks. That's a waste. If it is needed so bad, that is what the state and local governments are for, not the federal. So to reinforce the fact, since they have a couple chances to get re-elected, this bill would prohibit earmark spending. Also, every bill that congress passes, will apply to them, they are supposed to be U.S. citizens too. This means that they pay into social security and such too. Have a nice day Nancy! Also, to prevent the whole you scratch my back I'll scratch yours, all campaign contributions must be sent to a national office were they will be redistributed to the person they are meant to go, without the politician ever knowing who it came from. That'll take the starch from the union's britches.

I could tack a few other of my ideas on, but baby steps will do for now. Once the positive effects of this are shown, we can enact more like closing the Department of Education and giving that back to the states. Slowly but surely, we can take back our country from the liberal, progressive menace that has been plaguing us for years. LONG LIVE RONALD REGAN!
Also I hope you'll join me and Ted Nugent and pray for good bombing weather. Have a nice day!

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