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24 June 2010

What Is, and What Should Never Be

Happy Cinco de Mayo! Oh, wait a minute. Huh? Really?.......... Well my lovely secretary just handed me a note and it seems that I am either almost 2 months late, or 10 months early, depending on how you look at it. So, am I really supposed to care? Well it seems that an unspecified number of people would seem to think so. My question to them of course would be why? Why is it that I should care about another seemingly usual day? How many more holidays do we need around here? We already have talk like a pirate day. What makes this fifth of May so special?
In a nutshell, in 1862 the Mexican army beat the frenchies in a battle. That's what it is. No, seriously that's what it is. I asked a Spanish teacher and anthropologist about it and he told me that it is only really celebrated in the U.S., as opposed to the country of origin. So, are you telling me that we should cheer and speak German to celebrate when Hitler overtook Poland? In essence it is the same thing. Yet, nobody does that here. The alleged truthful reason is that it is to celebrate their heritage, participants claim. Well if you are so happy to be Mexican, why did you come here? That is what I wanna know. If things are that bad that you leave such a miserable place, then why do you celebrate that place? For example, I don't celebrate the day I left Chicago, I want to forget that place and move on with my life, unencumbered by the bad memories from that place. Pardon me while I get depressed... . . . . . . . O.K. I'm back, I got more coffee and I should be good for a bit now. Why of all places to come to, why did you come to the U.S., you could've gone to Guatemala and been rich and you could still share a similar backround. Yet, you chose to come here, now instead of trying to embrace the heritage of your new country, and all that makes it wonderful, you want to dwell on the past, and force your messed up ideals on us?
We constantly see smaller cases of the same disease, the flag of a foreign country hanging from a rear view mirror, or the very common "I can hold my liquor, I'm Irish." Well, ah, are you a dual citizen? Where's your green card? Oh you don't have one, how long have you lived here? Your entire life, then would you be so kind to explain how it is that you are Irish?
I somehow managed to get home for the Fourth of July festivities, my family and myself went to the largest fireworks display in the area, heralded as being one of the top 5 displays in the country. The show synced up with music, and we were close enough to the fancy seating area that we didn't really need the radio,but we had it on anyway, so did almost everybody else. So when they asked everyone to stand for the playing of our National Anthem, there was no possible way that you could not have heard that; unless of course you had both tympanic membranes rupture from a freak accident like digging in your ears with a stiletto. So there I am standing, with my hand over my heart, when right in front of me, is a worthless long haired smelly, hippy type looking guy, that was sitting on his rump, with two girls. I was absolutely livid. I have seen men that have lost a leg, and are on oxygen, put forth the effort to stand up for the playing of our National Anthem. So why exactly can't these three young healthy appearing individuals stand up and show a little respect for the lives that we have lost for that song and our flag? But of course we can blame it on their parents, their childhood, or what have you, but the fact still remains that they sat there talking and groping and so on while the rest of us showed reverence towards this great country. I was on the verge of walking over there and giving him a little, much needed, subtle encouragement to stand up, and then leave him to enjoy the rest of the show in a pool of his own blood as a reminder of what others have sacrificed. But, unfortunately there were children in the truck next to me, and I was sort of restrained after expressing the way things ought to be.
A few days later on the radio, they asked random people why we celebrate the Fourth of July. To me this is a common sense no thinking required answer, as it is, it seems that I am quite wrong on that one. One woman when asked started off as saying that it was to celebrate our independence, then when asked independence from what, she had no clue. So she guessed independence from America. I assume then that we somehow managed to escape from the very cage that we threw ourselves into? What more could you expect then when confronted with the absurdity that she just laughed it off, as you would the notion that Hillary Clinton ISN'T a hermaphrodite. I certainly didn't laugh it off.
What more could expect from a nation whose own fearless leader has on numerous occasions let the flag be carried past him and just stand there with his hands over his crotch? Seriously. Then again this is the same man (if you'd permit me) that campaigned in all the 57 states. The same person that spent a substantial amount of OUR money to travel the world and apologize for you and me. As far as I know, I have done nothing wrong; at least, nothing that I need to apologize for in other countries. But then again, we are successful, and proof that you can have your cake and eat it too, but is that reason to bow to foreign leaders and make a fool of yourself? Does Bill Gates get on TV and say that he's sorry that he is making more money than me? No he doesn't and neither is that expected from him. Does Sarah Brady say that she is sorry for making it such a hassle for me to buy a gun? No. There is no reason to tell the world that we are sorry for being successful, if they followed our lead, then they could achieve the same. If we were so bad that we needed to apologize for ourselves, then how come we have millions sneaking in here every year, along with all of the legal immigrants from all over the world? The reason that you have people coming here is because we are the best. If you don't like that, then I highly encourage you to leave to the country that you believe is better, because that would make us all happy. Why aren't people proud of America, and being American? I don't get it. What is wrong with loving America? This truly is pathetic.

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