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08 June 2010

A Clear Case Of Common Sense Never Prevails In The Federal Gov't

Stereotypically America has fallen under a cloud of I want it now-itis. I myself am just as guilty of this as everyone else, but I have seen the error in my ways and ever so slowly have been working to improve myself. But when you think about it, why is it that we need it now? People spend sleepless nights starring at the ceiling worrying about paying bills, and their credit score. Yet the true question is, in the end does it really matter?
As a kid when I wanted something "now" and didn't have the funds, I had to wait until I had the dough, or lost interest and gave up all together on the endeavor. Am I a lesser man as a result of not having 10 metric tons of plastic guns at my house? No, I believe this has caused me to see the world in a much more realistic light, and I'm quite certain that not getting what I wanted when I wanted it has had no negative effect on my upbringing or current situation. Now the emotional trauma that I have long suffered through, is irreversible and I constantly search eBay for the edible Creepy Crawly kits. (If you seriously believe that, you're dumber than I gave you credit (hehe) for) I also can thank my parents for their participation in what I once thought was a heinous enterprise of depriving me of what every boy should have, because of this I am not one of those sniveling whiners that expect everything in life to be given to them. (Sounds like the Kennedy's and the rest of the liberals) So how does this magical transition into adulthood alter reality? If you don't have the mullah, you don't come home with the 37' TV, that you have to sit in another zip code to watch anyhow. So what do you do? You take a piece of plastic, and use that just so you can impress your father in-law, and buddies, while telling assorted lies.
So for something worth $1,500, you will end up paying another $1,500 in interest over the next 30 years after the stupid thing froze the image of Janet Reno on the LCD screen scaring yourself and costing another $3,000 for therapy sessions for the kids. All just because you couldn't wait to have what would be outdated next month, because everyone else has one now. If you think about it all the interest we pay on useless things like that we could buy a car in cash, maybe even upgrade from a GMC, to a Cadillac. (I had to use GM, since Obama is CEO)
So, by now you are wondering why the sudden change from all the usual political mumbo jumbo, well its connected, and not coming apart any time soon, much like 2 dogs copulating. How can we as a nation expect for our government to balance a budget, and get our nation out of debt, when we ourselves are just as bad? If we as a nation would raise our children by teaching them personal financial responsibility, then our future leaders would be able, and not have an excuse to balance a budget! Take a good peek at our "fearless" leader, I'm willing to bet a large chunk of change that that boy has a large credit card bill, that or he really is trying to ruin our country with a subversive plot.
My second point is that debt is a major contributing factor to the current economic situation. Just like the Mel Gibson movie Maverick, somebody owes somebody else money, and that guy is running short on cash so he hunts up the guy that owes him money so he can pay somebody else, and he doesn't have it. Confused? Take your time I'm here all day. This causes bad blood between all involved parties, and they all get busted kneecaps, or file for bankruptcy. Look at the banks, and Sallie, and Freddie. Now look at this on an international scale, right now as I'm writing this we are at $13,059,330,197,338 in the hole and by the time I'm done with this sentence will be up a couple million more. We owe a substantial portion to China, now what happens when they come knocking on our door to collect? They certainly aren't looking out in our best interests. They are communists for starters, (and posses our nuclear secrets, thank you slick Willie!) That and their death vans, and slaughter of Christians is reason enough alone to not get along with them. But truth be told, we don't say anything because we owe them! So, once again we look toward the history books for what a possible occurrence might be. In 1956 the British, French, and Israeli's seized the Suez canal. President Eisenhower believed that that was against U.S. interests, and threatened to sell U.S. holdings of British currency and bonds. Provided that he did that the pound would've been a most unusual form of toilet paper. Leaving the Brits unable to pay for essential imports. So, what happens now when what we want China doesn't? There have been rumors claiming that Chinese officials claim that they can and would make the U.S. collapse from the inside, and this sounds like how they would do it.
How long can we go on like this? If I was this bad with money I'd be in jail, but then again politicians have been writing bad checks, and drowning people in cars, and everything else for years, why expect them to behave now?

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