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13 June 2010

Ignorance and the Liberal Agenda

Call him POTUS. Yes, strange as it seems, one of my coworkers has this etched onto his car as his license plate. It is an acronym for President of the United States. I think of this as a little presumptuous on his part, but that is his goal in life. Inevitably we got talking politics, and of the first things he wanted to know was where I stood. Of course I puffed my chest up and explained that I'm a God fearing, Reagan conservative. He just calmly stated that he was a republican. That is were the similarities end. His views tend to go against everything that the GOP stands for, hates the tea party movement, is for every thing that Obama does, and watches CNN. Last weekend at a BBQ for our mutual friends promotion, we got talking while sitting at the campfire. Eventually something that you just don't talk about was bound to come up, and of course it did. Some how the topic of abortion came up, he was somewhere in the middle on the issue, not a "butch" feminazi wading chest deep in unborn baby blood, but not someone who was against it. I tried to best explain my view on the subject when he made one comment that set me off. Not in a bad way, but it proved to me that the leftist mindset can't see beyond their noses. "You can't regulate morality."
Oh really? So I broke it down for him. What is one of the most heinous crimes that you go to jail for? Murder, right? So, what about the bands of cannibals that killed and ate WWII pilots in the Pacific? That was their religion, way of life, so what if that happened in America, they would go to jail and rightly so. Statutory rape is another one, in essence almost all laws are based on some form of morality. Like stealing, it happens all the time, and the people that do must think its alright to do it, (otherwise they wouldn't be doing it) so I think its safe to say that you can regulate morality because its been done for years. So with that said where does the moral basis for our American system of morals come from? Now what I'm about to type here is going to raise eyebrows and cause Nancy Pelosi and other assorted liberals to start calling their shrink and protesting naked in the streets. America was founded on Juedo-Christian principles. Now for those that don't know the truth are going to start saying something about the separation of church and state only because you heard someone else say it when they removed the Ten Commandments from the county courthouse. BUT! That's a very big but, (like Rosie O'donnell's) I would love for you to show me where in the constitution it says anything about that. The 1st amendment verbatim is as follows: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. That's it! Where is the separation stuff? Well its not there. All it says in regards to religion is that you can practice whatever you want, (that even allow those freaks in tight britches that cry and worship Satan to do their thing) and that there will be no national religion. Simple. I have read the rest and there ain't squat on it. There is nothing more to read into it. So what is wrong with the Ten Commandments in the courthouse?
A few years back, I was privy to a philosophical conversation, and later read the same belief in a novel, and to be honest I know that it is very true. I have my own personal beliefs on the matter, and regardless if yours differ or not, look at all the good that the christian church has done, besides giving little old ladies comfort and peace of mind, the charitable works are second to none. But ultimately the morals that it has established are the basis for an almost Utopian society. What is evil or offensive in "Thou shalt not kill"? Or love thy neighbor as thy self? Now of course the fact that it goes against current social norms, Thou shall not commit adultery, Thous shall not covet, but look at the problems that these 2 commandments if followed prevent. So why is it a supreme court decision to remove ten very sound, and in my mind common sense ideals from a public place?
It is all part of a plot to erode our morals, this works in numerous ways so that they can further manipulate us in their grand scheme of making us subject to big government. If you think about it, why else would abortion be such a big issue with them? The same reason that Obama gave millions to Philadelphia schools for Trojan Magnum condoms.Well, this is how I view the matter, and since part of job entails telling people to send their quarterback in with his helmet on, I take the higher road and tell them to keep their pants on. But, still I got of the preventive measures training for std's, in that we were told that one of the number one causes of condom failure is using magnum condoms. Because they are too big, they fall off or don't properly provide the barrier seal. Why are we wasting tax dollars on magnum condoms when the regular ones are made of the same elastic material and you can stretch them past your elbow without them breaking? Why are we even encouraging this behavior?
The logic behind this is that it creates illegitimate children. Think about the typical 17 year old boy, he has his entire life ahead of him and he doesn't want to waste his time on a family this early in life. So now you have a mother that must quit school to take care of the child, and what does she do? Collects welfare! What they are doing is creating dependence on the government at an early age. The mother then can't get a job because she has no high school diploma. If a child is raised in that environment, they think it is alright to do the same thing and suckle themselves from Miss Piggy. By allowing this to go on we are creating a never ending cycle. What is next?

"It is impossible to rightly govern a nation without God, and the bible."- George Washington

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