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17 July 2010

"I Can't Suck It Up With a Straw."

I understand that the spill may have finally been stopped, but that doesn't change the fact that it went unstopped for three months. That doesn't change the fact that the livelihoods of those living along the Gulf Coast have been forever changed.

"As the end of a critical 48-hour testing window to monitor the success of BP's capped oil well approaches, a company executive now says tests could last beyond the original deadline of 48 hours, and that pressure is slowly rising. . . .
Saturday afternoon will mark two full days since BP stopped the oil from leaking into the Gulf . . . at that point if engineers don't offer more definitive evidence that the cap is working, testing may continue. At any time before then, they could also reopen the cap and allow some oil to spill into the sea again. . . ." (FNC)

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