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15 July 2010

Necessary Redundancy

Have you at any point in time done something that you weren't required to do, because its an other's job, but if you didn't do this vital task would never be completed? This happens to me on a regular basis, maybe its just my good nature or the fact that until somebody gets a booboo, I've got nothing better to do. Regardless of who is supposed to do it, there are things that must get done, you know clean the guns, change the diaper, and milk the pigs. By now you probably know where I'm going with this, Arizona.
S.B. 1070 in short means that state law enforcement personnel, that while doing their job can ask for identification to prove that you are here legally. This is wrong because? If the federal government won't do there job who will? The federal governments reasoning has me rather confused in their logic so I'll let them speak for themselves: "Enforcement of S.B. 1070 will disrupt the constitutional order by undermining the federal government's control over the regulation of immigration and immigration policy. ... Moreover, S.B. 1070 will result in the harassment of lawfully present aliens and even U.S. citizens. Implementation of the law will damage the United States' ability to speak with a single and authoritative voice to foreign governments on immigration matters and is already having negative effects on long-standing and vital international relationships."
For starters the federal governments "control" over immigration is a lot like using a broom to control the ocean. So undermining it is a load of hogwash, Arizona is merely enforcing laws that they won't. As for harassing legal people, how is asking for I.D. harassment? Who are we telling how to protect their borders? Everyone else uses guns, and they won't hesitate to shoot you for trying to get in illegally. What vital international relationship are we jeopardizing by implementing this law, which enforces laws that were written over 200 years ago? The answer is Mexico. Yes Mexico, essentially the whole reason for the law in the first place.
Now, what makes them vital to us? Cheap labor? Mexico hasn't done anything for us to make them worthwhile and our relationship with them doesn't benefit us beyond being a source of cheap tequila and drugs. Mexico is dead set against this law. Why? I can only guess. The Mexican government passes out pamphlets on how to sneak across. How is this beneficial to them that they encourage it? This is an easy fix. We go down and put them in their place and tell them to stay home. Then we actually secure our border.
"States like Arizona should not have to act on their own, but Washington's decades of neglect for border security leave them no choice," Republican Study Committee Chairman Tom Price (R-Ga.) stated in a press release Tuesday.
Notice of course who said that, and what party he belongs to. The reasoning that the Republicans support this legislation and the liberals don't is because of the votes. Minorities traditionally vote for the left. So they are just going to stand by, and let a cancer eat us until we are dead just so they can keep their job. Thanks. Your moral bankruptcy and personal endeavors has cost us all.

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